Tasting Set

Please enjoy exploring our Japanese sake & liqueurs further by trying different types in same category to find your most favorite items. 

(Price including VAT (BTW))

Ikekame Kurokabuto Set

These “黒兜 Kuro-Kabuto”  white & Green using same production method but using different rice, Yamada-Nishiki (Famous sake rice) and Yume-Ikkon (local newly produced sake rice). 

You can compare and find the differences between two different rices how make their sake tastes.

Set Detail
  1. Ikekame Kurokabuto - White (EUR 37)

  2. Ikekame Kurokabuto - Green (EUR 35)

​EUR 72→ EUR 69 (incl. VAT) -- Only 1 left

Amabuki Combi

Complare Amabuki sake made with different kind of flower yeasts and different type of production method. 

Set Detail
5% discount for any 3 combi, 8% discount for all 6 different  types.
(Please mention which item you would like to purchase.)
  1. Amabuki Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo Omachi  (EUR 42)

  2. Amabuki Jugem  (EUR 37)

  3. Amabuki Strawberry (EUR 36)

  4. Amabuki Yamahai Junmai (EUR 34)

  5. Amabuki Choukarakuchi Tokubetu Junmai  - Super Dry   (EUR 34)

  6. Amabuki Gin no Kurenai  - Rose  (EUR 35)

​(Example) All 6 different types : EUR 218→ EUR 200.56 (incl. VAT)

Premium Junmai Daiginjo Set


Try two different type of Jumai Daiginjo sake, premium grade and highly polished race make them more sophisticated and more elegant.

Set Detail
  1. Kawatsuru Junmai Daiginjo (EUR 43)

  2. Amabuki Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo Omachi (EUR 42)

EUR 85→ EUR 81 (incl. VAT) - Temporary not available

 Nigori Set


Compare Fermentation Nigori, Rich and Light. 

Set Detail
  1. Cloudy (EUR 32)

  2. Kawatsuru Nigori (EUR 30)

EUR 64→ EUR 60 (incl. VAT)

Fruits Liqueurs
Fuwa-toro Set

Try 3 kind of Fuwa-toro Set. Which flavor do you like most?

Set Detail
  1. Fuwa-Toro Summer Orange (EUR 32)

  2. Fuwa-Toro White Peach & Raspberry (EUR 32)

  3. Fuwa-Toro Pineapple (EUR 32)

EUR 96→ EUR 91 (incl. VAT)

Ume-shu Set


Try different types of Ume-shu to discover your favorite type of Umeshu. 

Set Detail
  1. Gelly Ume-shu (EUR 35)

  2. Nigori Ume-shu (EUR 36)

EUR 71→EUR 68  (incl. VAT)

Yuzu-shu Set


Not so much different than Ume-shu, but still you can find the differences between these Yuzu-shu.

Set Detail
  1. Ginyu-ka Yuzu Daiginjo (30EUR)

  2. Ms. chatelain (Onna Joshu) Yuzu-shu (32EUR)

EUR 62→ EUR 59  (incl. VAT) - Temporary not available

Shu-wa-wa Set


Shu-wa-wa selected recommended items that we would like you to try.

Coming soon


​EUR (incl. VAT)

Shu-wa-wa selection
Shu-wa-wa Set 2


Shu-wa-wa selected recommended items that we would like you to try.

Coming soon


​EUR (incl. VAT)