Shu-wa-wa (酒・和・輪)

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Shu-wa-wa is a liquor shop based in the Netherlands. 

Our aim is to offer you more opportunity to explore and enjoy the world of Japanese sake & liqueur. 

Our name  "Shu-wa-wa (酒・和・輪)" shows​ our objective. We would like to make a circle of people(輪)to enjoy  Japanese (和) sake & liqueurs(酒)in a relaxing mood (和). 

We are offering several authentic premium craft sake made in small sake breweries in Japan, who produce their sake very carefully and proudly, by also try to make their originality with new production method in order to make differentiation from others.
These sake are very distinguished and you can find them only with us in the Netherlans !

So, we are very happy if you enjoy our sake & liqueurs, just relaxing with your family and friends in your relaxing time and/or at a special occasion.

We can also arrange sake workshops.  Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

Currently our business is only within the Netherlands.