Sake (酒) is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, mainly produced and widely drunk in Japan.  
With the global spread of Japanese cuisine, sake has now become popular around the world. 

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Ikekame Kurokabuto White

“黒兜 Kuro-Kabuto” or black helmet is the new type of Japanese sake brewed by koji-mold which is usually used for shochu (Japanese distilled spirit). Koji-mold makes Kuro-Kabuto unique with fresh and citrus kind of taste, unlike other typical Japanese sake which is rather thick and sweet,  to go well with Italian and French cuisine not only Japanese.


Type:       Junmai Ginjo

Aroma:   Mild Strawberry aroma

Flavor:    Full body & Fresh acid

Rice:        Yamadanishiki

Serving Temperature:  Cold  / Warm

Food Paring:  Chicken Teriyaki / Oyster / Beefsteak / Fatty Sashimi

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Ikekame Kurokabuto Green

Sister brand of Kuro-Kabuto White, but used brewery's local Rice called Yume-Ikkon, which makes slightly drier and spicier than white label. Using Black Rice Molt which makes this sake Rich taste as well.

Go well with Italian and French cuisine not only Japanese. Please try it!


Type:        Junmai Ginjo

Aroma:    Mild Pear or Apple aroma

Flavor:     Rich fresh acid

Rice:         Yume-Ikkon (Brewery's local rice)

Serving Temperature:  Cold  / Warm

Food Paring:  Sashimi / Grilled fish

EUR 35 (incl. VAT)

Ikekame Minokame


Best combination with any meals especially with Sushi.

Lychee note with sharp and clear taste. 

The name Ikekame means turtle in the pond. The turtle is a symbol for luck and long life.


Type:       Special Junmai

Aroma:    Mild

Flavor:     Sharp, Clear, Light

Rice:         Yamada Nishiki (50%) & Yume-Ikkon (50%)

Serving Temperature:  Cold  / Warm

Food Paring:  Sushi / Delicate flavor foods

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Ikekame_Tange Sazen.jpg
Ikekame Tange Sazen

This Samurai called "Tange Sazen" on its lable is a famous fictional swordsman, who was very popular and made several times into movies in Japan. 

Like "Tange Sazen" himself, this sake also has crisp, elegant and rich dry flavor.


Type:       Junmai Ginjo

Aroma:   Mild Pear or Apple aroma

Flavor:    Rich fresh acid

Rice:        Yume-Ikkon (Brewery's local rice)

Serving Temperature:  Cold  / Warm

Food Paring:  Sashimi / Grilled fish

​EUR 34 (incl. VAT)

Kawatsuru Junmai Daiginjo_2.jpg
Kawatsuru Junmai Daiginjo


An elegant and sophisticated Junmai Daiginjo that boasts a heartwarming bouquet of fresh chestnuts and tropical fruit. Elegant, lush and pleasantly crisp.


This Junmai Daiginjo has a well-rounded palate and rich flavour. Suitable for an array of cuisine and occasions, the slightly fuller body makes it versatile and satisfying. 


Type:        Junmai Daiginjo

Aroma:    Mild Strawberry aroma

Flavor:     Full body with well-rounded palate

Rice:        Yamadanishiki & Ooseto (Brewery's local rice)

Serving Temperature:  Cold  / Cool  / Room temperature

Food Paring:  Fish  /  Desserts

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This sake is creamy, sweet and sour taste with fruity aroma of citrus. It is like fermented milk drink with 6% of alcohol. A rice molt is used 3 times than normal sake.

This sake is originally designed to be accompanied with local spicy roasted chicken in the area where the brewery of this sake located. So it is good to pair this sake with spicy cuisines like tandoori chicken. 

Enjoy this sake on the rocks!


Type:       Honjozo

Aroma:    Mild

Flavor:     Creamy & Fruity, Sweet & Sour

Rice:        Yamadanishiki

Alcohol:  6%

Serving Temperature: Cold / On the rokks (recommended!)

Food Paring:  Juicy & Spicy chicken

EUR 32 (incl. VAT) 

Kawatsuru Nigori


Fermentation makes sake thick taste.


Type:         Junmai

Aroma:     Mild

Flavor:      Sweet & Creamy

Serving Temperature: Cold / Warm

Food Paring:  Cheese, Meat

EUR 30 (incl. VAT)

Amabuki kjd omachi.jpg
Amabuki Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo Omachi


Produced in the style of Amabuki using the flower yeast from rhododendron and the sake rice "Omachi" by the use of the most traditional method of sake "kimoto" brewing. 

The sake quality with the solid acidity firmly embracing the flavor of Omachi should go well with your fine food. This Daiginjo is also suitable for warm serving.


Type:        Kimoto/Yamahai (Junmai Daiginjo)

Aroma:    Mild

Flavor:     Solid acidity firmly embracing

Rice:         Omachi

Yeast:      Rhododendron

Serving Temperature:  Cold

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Amabuki jugemu .jpg
Amabuki Jugem

​Newly born Mirabilis jalapa yeast and also newly born Jugem rice make this sake elegant aroma and juicy flavor.

Getting very popular among loyal customer of this brewery.


Type:        Junmai Ginjo

Aroma:    Rich

Flavor:     Juicy

Rice:         Jugem

Yeast:      Mirabilis jalapa

Serving Temperature:  Cold​

EUR 37 (incl. VAT) 

Amabuki ichigo.jpg
Amabuki Strawberry


Strawberry flower sake yeast used to make this sake helps to give it a characteristic refreshing sweetness and fruitiness that is quite reminiscent of juicy strawberries.


Type:        Junmai Ginjo

Aroma:    Rich

Flavor:     Refreshing sweetness and fruitiness

Rice:        Omachi

Yeast:      Strawberry

Serving Temperature:  Cold

EUR 36 (incl. VAT)

Amabuki yamahai.jpg
Amabuki Yamahai Junmai

The true expression of marigold is noticeable both on

the palate and on the nose of this sake.

The yamahai brewing method amplifies these flavors. This sake really shines when it is served warm.


Type:      Junmai Yama-hai 

Aroma:     Mild


Rice:      Omachi

Rice Polishing rate:     65%

Yeast:     Marigold

Serving Temperature: Cold / Warm

EUR 34 (incl. VAT)

Amabuki tyokarakuchi2.jpg
Amabuki Choukarakuchi Tokubetu Junmai
  - Super Dry


Fermented Yamadanishiki, high-quality sake rice into sake, whose sake meter value is plus 12, using the yeast of begonia to produce this tasteful and sharp extra-dry sake. 

"Nama" goes well with any type of cuisine. The more you taste, the more you appreciate.

Unpasteurized extra-dry "Nama" gives you a gentle and soft impression. Please enjoy like no other sake you have ever tasted.


Type:        Special Junmai

Aroma:    Mild

Flavor:      Sharp extra-dry sake

Rice:         Yamadanishiki

Yeast:       Begonia

Serving Temperature:  Cold

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Amabuki ginkure .jpg
Amabuki Gin no Kurenai  - Rosé


This sake is a revolution in the taste color and aroma of sake. From the moment you pour this unique sake into your glass, you won’t believe your eyes. The beautiful rosé color comes from the use of ancient black rice. The flavor is lightly sweet and fruity, but it’s the color that will really wow you.
This is an ideal sake to serve for any celebration or it makes the perfect gift!


Type:       Rosé    

Flavor:     Lightly sweet and fruity

Rice:        Ancient black rice

Serving Temperature:  Cold

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